class activelogic.VXLANIDObject

Object representing a single or range of VNI ID values.

VXLANIDObject is similar to a VlanIDObject, but it is used to group a list of VNI ID values. VNI ID values ranging from 0 to 16777215 are supported.

>>> obj = rs.add(VXLANIDObject('myobj', items=[1, "4-5"]))
>>> obj = rs.add(VXLANIDObject('myobj2', items=[VXLANIDObjectSingleItem(1)]))
>>> obj = rs.add(VXLANIDObject('myobj2', items=[VXLANIDObjectRangeItem(4, 5)]))
class activelogic.VXLANIDObjectSingleItem

Object representing a single VXLAN ID item.


vxlan_id (int) – VXLAN ID.

>>> VXLANIDObjectSingleItem(4)
class activelogic.VXLANIDObjectRangeItem

Object representing a VXLAN ID range.

  • vxlan_id_first (int) – First VXLAN ID in range.

  • vxlan_id_last (int) – Last VXLAN ID in range.

>>> VXLANIDObjectRangeItem(30, 45)