Statistics Rules

class activelogic.StatisticsRule

Object representing a StatisticsRule.

  • name (str) – The name of the rule.

  • id (int) – The ID of the rule.

  • active (bool) – Boolean value indicating if the rule is active or not.

  • enable_connection_log (bool) – Enable connection log.

  • enable_insights_traffic (bool) – Enable Insights traffic perspective storage.

  • enable_cyber_threat_monitoring (bool) – Enable cyber threat analysis.

  • enable_regulatory_flow_storage (bool) – Enable regulatory flow storage.

  • enable_social_media_forensics (bool) – Enable social media forensics.

  • enable_voip_forensics (bool) – Enable VoIP forensics.

  • statistics_objects (list) – List of ids of the statistics objects for this rule.

  • flow_objects (list) – List of ids of the flow objects for this rule.

  • traffic_objects (list) – List of ids of the traffic objects for this rule.

  • condition (int) – The rule condition for the rule expressed as an integer.

>>> obj = rs.add(StatisticsObject('myobj'))
>>> ruleobj = rs.add(StatisticsRule(name='mystatsrule', statistics_objects=[obj]))