Shaping Rules

class activelogic.SessionContextOverride

Object used to override session context options from shaping object to be used in a shaping rule.

  • schema (str) – Override schema.

  • column_split (str) – Override split column.

  • column_speed_in (str) – Override incoming bandwidth column.

  • column_speed_out (str) – Override outging bandwidth column.

class activelogic.ShapingRule

Object representing a ShapingRule.

  • name (str) – The name of the shaping rule.

  • id (int) – The ID of the shaping rule.

  • active (bool) – Boolean value indicating if the rule is active or not.

  • objects (list) – The list of shaping objects in this rule.

  • priority (int) – The priority of packets matching this rule

  • precedence (int) – The precedence of the shaping rule.

  • fair_factor (int) – The fairness factor for the shaping rule.

  • sc_override (class: SessionContextOverride) – The settings to override session context options from shaping object.

  • condition (int) – The rule condition for the shaping rule expressed as an integer.

>>> obj = ShapingObject("Unlimited")
>>> ruleobj = rs.add(ShapingRule(name='newsrule', objects=[obj], priority=3, precedence=4))