Session Context Object

class activelogic.SessionContextObject

Object representing a SessionContextObject.

>>> so = rs.add(SessionContextObject('MySessionContextObject', items=[("SchemaName", "ColName", "43")]))
>>> so = rs.add(SessionContextObject('MySessionContextObject', items=[("SchemaName", "ColName", "43", SessionContextObjectItemType.EQUAL)]))
>>> so = rs.add(SessionContextObject('MySessionContextObject', items=[("SchemaName", "ColName", "43", SessionContextObjectItemType.CONTAINS)]))
class activelogic.SessionContextObjectItem

Object representing an item of a SessionContextObject.

If matchtype is MATCHTYPE_EQUAL this SessionContextObject will match traffic where the value in the specified schema and column exactly matches the value.

If matchtype is MATCHTYPE_CONTAINS this SessionContextObject will match traffic where a value, in the specified schema and column, in the comma separated value list exactly matches the value.

  • schemaname (str) – The schema to match

  • columnname (str) – The column to match

  • value (str) – The value to match

  • matchtype (SessionContextObjectItemType) – MATCHTYPE_EQUAL or MATCHTYPE_CONTAINS

>>> SessionContextObjectItem(schemaname="SchemaName", columnname="ColName", value="43")
>>> SessionContextObjectItem(schemaname="SchemaName", columnname="ColName", value="43", matchtype=SessionContextObjectItemType.EQUAL)
>>> SessionContextObjectItem(schemaname="SchemaName", columnname="ColName", value="43", matchtype=SessionContextObjectItemType.CONTAINS)
class activelogic.SessionContextObjectItemType

Defines a set of plsc match types for a sessioncontext object.

  • EQUAL – SessionContextObject matchtype is equal

  • CONTAINS – SessionContextObject matchtype is contains