Flow Object

class activelogic.FlowObject

Object representing a flow object in the ruleset.

  • name (str) – Name of the object.

  • flags (FlowObjectFlags) – Object flags.

  • id (int) – Id of the object.

  • templatestring (str) – Template string.

  • partition_key (str) – Which of the fields in templatestring that should serve as partition key.

  • collectors (str) – Collectors.

  • export_format (FlowObjectExportFormat) – The export format of the flow object.

templatestring, partition_key and collectors are all given as comma-separated strings.

Some template fields may expect data that is given within angular brackets. Depth is given after colon. Use Ruleset.list() to list available flowobject template fields. See also FlowObjectField.

collectors are given as [address]:port, for example []:2055.

>>> obj = rs.add(FlowObject('myobj', flags=FlowObjectFlags.IPFIX, templatestring='proceraServiceObject<Categories>:2'))
class activelogic.FlowObjectField

Object representing a flow object field.

  • id (int) – The ID of the flow object field.

  • name (str) – The name of the flow object field.

  • visible (bool) – If the field is visible or not.

  • flags (FlowObjectFieldFlags) – Flags. Nonzero flag typically means that field takes data

class activelogic.FlowObjectExportFormat

Defines file format for export.

  • CSV – Data will be exported in CSV format.

  • JSON – Data will be exported in JSON format.

class activelogic.FlowObjectFlags

Defines a set of numeric constants representing flags on a FlowObject.

  • NONE – No flags.

  • IPFIX – Enable export over Ipfix.

  • KAFKA – Enable export over Kafka.

  • DUMP_TO_DISK – Enable dump to disk.

  • START_RECORD – Enable export of start record.

  • SYSLOG – Enable export over Syslog.