Custom Exceptions

To support more specific error reporting from PLDB API calls, the module defines the following exceptions:

class activelogic.exception.PLDBError

Raised when an error message was received from the server as a response to the most recent command.

class activelogic.exception.PLDBCriticalError

Similar to PLDBError, but the remote system considers the error to be critical.

class activelogic.exception.PLDBDetached

Raised when a session is getting detached

class activelogic.exception.PLDBIOError

Raised if connection either can not be established or is lost. Also raised if crypto negotiation or user authorization fails.

class activelogic.exception.PLDBNewDataCommitted

A user has committed changes to the resource in another session. Data in the python3 API may be invalid for this resource. Please, start a new one.

class activelogic.exception.PLDBCapabilityError

Usually raised if the remote system does not announce sufficient capabilities, but could also be raised if the client does not support capabilities considered to be mandatory by the remote system.

class activelogic.exception.PLDBUnsupportedInFirmware

Raised if user attempts to set a property or use a feature that is not supported in the firmware on the remote system.

class activelogic.exception.PLDBUnsupportedInHardware

Typically raised if user attempts to use a physical channel in a way that is not supported by the hardware.